Element - Water, of course

Colors - Blue, and black

Stones - Aquamarine is for  Psychic powers, Purification, Cleansing, Soothing, Protection, Healing, The Sea. Aquamarine, a bluish-green variety of beryl, symbolizes hope and good health, and is a lucky gemstone for all persons born in March or a Libra.  It soothes and calms emotional problems and promotes peace, happiness, and joy as it halts fear. An aquamarine amulet enhances meditation and spiritual awareness. It also offers protection for sailors and other travelers of the sea. Pale blue-green
Lapis lazuli increases psychic abilities, It helps meditation and is useful for "neutral perception" in emotional issues. It can help organize one's life and protect the wearer. It promotes the connection between the physical plane and the celestial kingdom. It also furthers connectedness between male and female. Deep rich blue

Herbs - Jasmine and

Season - Spring because of the rain and the snow melting.

Incense and Oils - Myrrh and Lavender

Animals - Dolphin, fish, whales, water birds, mermaids

Moon Phase -

Flower - Lily

Objects - Chalice, Shells, Cauldron

Tree - Ash Represents water, Marriage of opposites, linking inner and outer worlds, mental clarity. Used in healing, protection and sea magic.  Ash is the link between the inner and outer worlds.  We are able to function in deep, watery places, in the realms of the underworld.  It is our flexible, psychic strength.  It is the weave of fate and the guardian of peace.  Take care to see things in their larger context.  Note how all actions have their reactions and note how you affect the world with your actions, physical and spiritual. Take bold action when action is called for.  The challenge of Ash is the determination of hidden influences and appearances.  Things are not always as they seem and you must be perceptive enough to see what is noble. There is a tendency to separate yourself or be cut off from the world.
The third tree of the year.  It is sacred to Poseidon in Greece. It was used as charm against drowning.  Emigrants in Ireland took ash with them when leaving to go to America after the Potato Famine.  In Britain it is the tree of birth.  Druid wands were  made of ash. The Great Ash Yygdrasill, sacred to Oden, was taken from Triple Goddess as per Scandanavian legend and used to dispense justice.  Ancient Wales and Ireland oars were made of ash.  The shade of the ash tree is said to be harmful to plants because ash roots will strangle other roots.  It is called the Tree of Sea Power (resident in all water) Tree for the month of floods.