Amphitrite's Children

Triton, Rhode and Benthesikyme

Hybrid sea creature, offspring of Poseidon & Amphitrite. His body, from the crown of his head, round his back and waist as far as the belly, was wondrously like that of the gods; but below his sides the tail of a sea-monster lengthened far, forking to this side and that. And he smote the surface of the waves with the spines, which below parted into curving fins, like the horns of the new moon. He assisted the argonauts and on another occasion blew his shell-trumpet, which he had invented, against the giants putting them to flight. When Athena was born she was brought up by Triton.

Rhode was the personification and goddess of the island of Rhodes, and the wife of the sun-god Helios.

Benthesicyme (Wave of the Deep) had two daughters by an Ethiopian husband. She married Enalos king of Aithiopia.