Her name means "The third one who encircles (the sea)" and her Roman name is Salacia.

From anicent texts and art we know she has blue eyes and long brown hair.

She was born one of the 50 Nereides daughters to Nereus & Doris. Nereides had the power to change into any form they chose. The Nereides rendered assistance to sailors and were worshipped especially in sea-port towns.  Some of her Nereid Sisters are Agave, Aktaea, Doris, Doto, Dynamene, Eione, Erato, Euagora, Eudora, Eukrante, Eulime, Eunike, Eupompe, Galatea, Galene, Glauke, Glaukonome, Halia, Halimede, Hipponoe, Hippothoe, Kymatolege, Kymo, Kymodoce, Kymothoe, Laomedea, Leagora, Lysianassa, Melite, Menippe, Nemertes, Nesaea, Neso, Panopea, Pasithea, Pherusa, Ploto, Polynoe, Pontoporea, Pronoe, Proto, Protomedea, Psamathe, Sao, Speo, Themisto, Thetis, Thoe.

Her maternal grandparents are Okeanus & Tethys.  And her paternal grandparents are Pontus & Gaia.

She lived in the magnificent golden palace in the depths of the Aegean sea with her husband Poseidon where they had three children, Triton, Rhode and Benthesikyme.

Amphitrite passed her days shepherding the fish and sea mammals of the ocean, her nights dancing by the island of Naxos or arranging underwater caves that contained her jewels.

She rides around on a sea chariot or a sea animals.

When shown in art, she wore a fishnet over her hair and a crab claw crown.

Turned a nymph named Scylla into a ugly monster for sleeping with Poseidon