In the name of Amphitrite,
Queen of the Deep,
I cleanse this bone of Gaea
by the flowing of the waves of Water.
So mote it

Ocean goddess, wet and wild
I am your humble human child
Enchantress off the coral lair
I honor thee with pagan prayer

I kneel before thee on the shore
Beneath the seagulls as they soar
Across the heavens high above
To partake of your mystical love

Ocean goddess, giver of life
Water's daughter, mother and wife
Romancing in the undersea caves
and dancing in the salty waves

You bless my soul with ocean peace
as your moon tides ebb and increase
O goddess of the sea supreme,
Your waters quench the thirst of my dreams

So mote it be!

goddess of the sea
Give me sign,
show it to me

Invocation to Water

I take this the Water of Life,
I declare it the Water of Light.
As I bring it within my body,
It allows my body to glow.
I take this, the Water of Light.
I declare it the Water of God.
I AM a Master in all that I AM.

Ocean Mother

Ocean Mother healing
She is the healer of the Earth
Ocean Mother crying
She is the mourner of the Earth
Ocean Mother laughing
She is the brightness of the Earth
Ocean Mother birthing
She is the cradle of the Earth

©1990 Inanna Arthen

Cauldron Of The Ocean

     By Haragano, 1988

     She comes as a wave from the cauldron of the ocean,
     Swept to the shore, transformed once more.

I Am The Ocean

     Author Unknown

     I am the ocean and the ocean is me,
     I am the mother and I am the sea.
     Everything opens when I open me,
     Everything opens when I open me.