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God of the sea, protector of all waters. Poseidon is the brother of Zeus. After the overthow of their Father Cronus he drew lots with Zeus and Hades, another brother, for shares of the world. His prize was to become lord of the sea. Zeua got the heavens and Hades the underworld. Poseidon was widely worshiped by seamen.

At one point he desired Demeter. To put him off Demeter asked him to make the most beautiful animal that the world had ever seen. So to impress her Poseidon created the first horse. In some accounts his first attempts were unsucessful and created a varity of other animals in his quest. By the time the horse was created his passion for Demeter had cooled.

His weapon is a trident, which can shake the earth, and shatter any object. He is second only to Zeus in power amongst the gods. He has a difficult quarrelsome personality. He was greedy. He had a series of disputes with other gods when he tried to take over their cities.

December 1 is known as The festival of Poseidon
Ash Tree
February - 12th month of the Roman Year
Herbs olive, pine, ash
Element of Water
Color Blue
Animal is the Horse

Hymn To Poseidon

About Poseidon, the Great God, I start to sing,
of Earth the mover, and of the unfruitful sea,
Aquatic, He who holds wide Aegae, Helicon.
Earth-Shaker; double roles the Gods allotted Thee:
to be a Tamer of Horses, and a Savior of Ships.

So hail, Poseidon, Earth-upholding, Dark-haired One,
And, Blest One, with a kindly heart help those who sail.

Invocation to Poseidon

Preliminary Invocation

Rise and fall, each tumbler turns over
Each wave strikes shore, stolen the earth
Poseidon hear my cry!

Through the blackened waters, the fearful deep
Swallows the light
and my gaze, ended, I stare even yet
hear my voice!
answer my call!

from the deepest depths, the root of all waves
where nymphs at sport lure down their loves,
from thy heavy throne, wrought of the earth
the source of all tides, the source of all storms
Poseidon I summon thee, Invoke thy might
Lord of the realm, the sailor's demise
greedy miser who hoards their wealth
I call thee, summon thee
answer my cry!


Listen about you, the roar of waves
my voice is heard, in that crushing wall
in the turn of the tide, the brackish foam
my body lain, covers the earth

what fools are these who seek me out ?
they find me, embrace me
their faces vanish, as I draw them under
never to breathe, to suckle the air
left the light, when they chose the wave
they are mine now

my might is shown in the churning waters
is mine the realm in which children play ?
a shimmering surface disguises the depths
my kingdom filled with the ruin of man
a million bodies, rocked gently by waves
do a deathly dance, to please their lord
and I sit among them, on a watery throne
of the hardest stone, no wave may move it
forever is mine, when man has died,
I will sit on it yet

mine is the wave that rapes the shore
mine is the wind that stirs the sail
I bear the ship or drag it down
you can hear me whisper in the morning dews
or roar in the darkest night

tritons call summons you near
the roar of the waters, heralds my coming
the feel of the waters lapping against you
as I take my first step to land


I am the waters of the land,
flown into the sea,
carried with me, this earthly vessel
now a dominion of the tides
behold we are one!
I am the earth reever, the watery scythe !
I form the land, and I destroy it
this grainy harvest I reap each day
my kingdom filled, with the pulverized bones
of the earth, my mother
a light, cool dust, I bear it down
molded by the current's hands,
my watery fingers reform them
and each man who has loved and died
his body thrown to earth
they all meet my embrace,
for their body, wasted,
becomes the very dusts
I hoard so greedily

Final Invocation

what are these waters, the clouds cast to earth ?
salty tears, fill the seas
the land bonds of sea farers, you have broke
the icy waters,
the chillborne reflection of your heart

never the less I welcome thee
poseidon, the roar of the waters
announces your call
and I raise my arms to meet you
hail to thee, lord of the waters!
Poseidon thee I invoke!