Why Amphitrite?

I began searching for a patron goddess. A goddess I could relate to and devote, if not my life at least my spiritual life to.  Instead of Lady or goddess or Her, I wanted a goddess with a name and a history.  With help from my friend Caprice I looked at many goddesses.  All had redeemable qualities but none really spoke to me.  Because of my love for the element water, I started looking at water deities like Ran, Tiamat, Satet and Tethys to name a few.  I kept coming back to Amphitrite. 

I have a great love and respect for Amphitrite.  She is not given the honor she deserves.  She is a forgotten Goddess that needs to be heard.  I view her as a loyal wife and loving mother.  She is a great deity of the largest part of our planet, water.  She's been lost and almost ignored over the years.

I believe Amphitrite maybe the even the Goddess if depression.  Alot of the stones and things I've found that seem to correspond with her also seems to corresponds with depression. It kinda makes sense. She was a virgin when she married Poseidon and he wasn't exactly faithful. Amphitrite was faithful and also loyal but seemed to have snapped when it came to Scylla. She was also one of like 50 daughters....I'm one of only 3 and sometimes I get forgotten about or left out. Being one of 50 doesn't give a person a sense of individuality.  I sympathize with her because of my own depression.

In some sad way Amphitrite has been pushed aside as goddess of the sea and the younger more beautiful Aphrodite has taken her place. Although Aphrodite is a honorable goddess in her own right she was merely born within the foam of the sea and didn't live within it's depths.  Not only was Amphitrite born of two water deities Nereus and Doris and granddaughter to Oceanus, she married the water God Poseidon. According to Homer, she's the personification of the Ocean. She's also associated with dolphins, sea caves, and sea treasures so that gives her a more ties to water than Aphrodite.