My Hogwarts Bio

Name: Abra Pamuya

D.O.B:  Oct 11th

Year: Second 

House: Ravenclaw Ravenclaw!!!

Quidditch Position: A BludgerBeater Bludger Bat

Wand: 8 inch Ash, core of Mermaid scale My Wand

Pet: A black cat named ? and an owl named ?

Blood: Pure Blood

Favorite Subject: Care of Magical Creatures

Parents: Mother was a Ravenclaw perfect 1973, and father was Slytherin for 3 years before being expelled.

Friends: Best friends with Cho Chang

Favorite Teacher : Hagrid

Crushes: Twins and Oliver Wood

My Dorm Room



What House Are You In?

In a past life I was a Hufflepuff seeker

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