Famous Kendra's
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer- She came to replace Buffy as slayer and was in a only in a few episodes before Kendra was killed by a vampire. She was played by Bianca Lawson. Click here to hear a bit from the show and to learn more go here.
Dark Angel - Kendra Maibaum; Max's roommate. Seems to get along through a succession of odd jobs, barter, and translation work (she speaks Japanese). She and Max pool their cash, along with the rest of their floor, to pay off the beat cops who allow them to homestead the building. Played by Jennifer Blanc. Read more click here.
Kendra Smith - Singer. To learn more go here.
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Kendra Shank- Jazz singer. To learn more go here.
Kendra MacGillivray - Dancer and Singer.  To learn more go here
Kendra Munger - Stage actress plays princess Diana in "Queen of Hearts". To lean more click here.
Kendra Miller- She had a very successful modeling career working for such designers as Donna Karen, and Calvin Klein.  Just to mention a couple.  She lived briefly in Paris walked runways in Milan, London, Paris and New York.  And have worked for countless magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire.
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Kendra Cameron- Pro bowler
Dan Kendra- Football player
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Kendra Russell- Miss Southeast Kentucky, Crowned: November 21, 1998
Kendra Jade- Adult Movie Star that was on Jerry Springer and Howard Stern
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Kendra Torgan- Actress in a movie called Killing Time(1998) Suspenseful, sexy thriller about a cop, a fallen colleague & a beautiful female assassin. 91 mins. Rated R Cast: Craig Fairbass, Kendra Torgan, Stephen D. Thirkeld Directed by Bharat Nalluri
Kendra Graham- Golfer, Director of Women’s Competitions at the USGA, is also a prominent Rules official for the governing body of golf. 
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Tarzan- On the TV Show there was a model by the name of Kendra. She was stuck up and Tarzan had to save her more than once.
America's Funniest Home Videos- An cute little girl who thought her mom was down to drain when she was really in the tub with the curtain closed.
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Kendra Marie Knieriem(on page 1) wrote me..."There is a novel called Calico Palace, by Gwen Bristow. The main character's name is Kendra!  My mom read the book and that's how I got my name!"
Hawkgirl - Kendra Saunders
First Appeared:  JSA SECRET FILES AND ORIGINS #1 (August, 1999)
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Kendra Grace - author of "Aromaterapia Esencial" and "Aromatherapy Pocketbook", A quick holistic reference guide to the therapeutic use of essential oils. Like a breath of fresh air, this little book will uplift all who want to improve their lives through the power of scent.
Kendra Ward-Bence - author of "Hammered Dulcimer Handbook"
Kendra Bonnett - author of "IBM Guide to Doing Business on the Internet"
Kendra Smiley - author of "It's a Mom Thing" and "Helping Your Kids Make Good Choices"
Kendra Fox - author of "Oklahoma : A Guide to Unique Places"

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