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This is a site for everyone named Kendra. Here you well find information on the name in general, famous people named Kendra, and short profiles on people who share this unique name.

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Kendras are pretty, smart, reserved, and nice.

Based on the 1990 US Census, Kendra was ranked 403 most popular of all girls in the US.

Here are some meanings I have found from a bunch of sources:
Wise, All knowing (Old English)
Knowledgeable (Old English)
Greatest Champion (Welsh)
One of Knowledge, Understanding (Norse/Anglo-Saxon)
Understanding, Knowledge (English)
All Knowing (English)
Prophetess (Anglo-Saxon)
Knowledge and Power (Celtic)
Center of the Circle (Hindi)
Concrete or Cement (Japanese)
Water Baby, Magical (British)
Form of Kendrick
Combination of Ken and Sandra

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