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I've organized this in the order of age...youngest to oldest.
10 on each page.

On this Page you will meet...

Kendra Irene McNulty(3/13/94)
Kendra Marie Knieriem(6/11/90)
Kendra Jo A.(9/5/88)
Kendra Elizabeth Gurnee(12/21/85)
Kendra Nichole Newman(7/6/85)
Kendra J. C(1/15/85)
Kendra Leanne Colvin(11/4/84)
Kendra Elizabeth Conway(9/8/84)
Kendra Elizabeth Woolever(8/1/84)
Kendra Eve Sanders(2/9/83)

Full Name: Kendra Irene McNulty
Birthday: March 13, 1994
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Where you live: North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Parents: Linda McNulty
Sisters: Karlee Elizabeth
Pets: Milo the cat and Lucky the stuffed dog.
Hobbies/Collections: Piano, skating, swimming & Sparks.
    color: Blue
    animal: Deer
    food: Spagetti
    music: All music!
Other stuff you would like others to know:  I have the best sister and I like everybody!  I wish everyone got lots of presents.
Web Site:

Full Name: Kendra Marie Knieriem
Birthday: June 11, 1990
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Where you live: Laurel MD
Parents: Don and Eileen
Brothers: Jason and Brad
Pets: Joker a guinea pig
Hobbies/Collections: drawing, drama, soccer, I collect Beanie Babys
    animal: guinea pig
    food: dinner-pizza, dessert-ice cream
    music: oldies
Web Site:

Full Name: Kendra Jo A.
Nickname: Kenner
Birthday: September 5, 1988
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Live: Wisconsin
Parents: Lori and Todd
Brothers: Hunter,3 Austin,8
Sisters: None
Pets: Dog
Hobbies: Basketball
    Color: Orange
    Animal: Frogs
    Food: Ice Cream
    Music: Rap and pop

Full Name: Kendra Elizabeth Gurnee
Birthday: December 21, 1985
Hair Color: Brown/blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Where you live: Watertown, Wisconsin
Sisters: Andrea, Becca
Pets: Cat- Rusty
Hobbies/Collections: reading, swimming, drawing, computer stuff, collecting business cards, playing the flute
    color: yellow, blue, green
    animal: hmm.. I really like all animals don't   have a favorite!
    food: pizza
    music: BSB, NSync, 98 degrees, joey mcintyre (? spelling ?), brian mcknight
Other stuff you would like others to know: Nothing I can think of!
Web Site:

Full Name:Kendra Nichole Newman
Birthday: July 6, 1985
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Black
Where you live: Ashland, Kentucky
Parents: Terry and Ann
Pet: Dog-Dijoun
Hobbies: Cheerleading/ Gymnastics
    Color: any Shade of Blue
    Animal: dogs alligators turtles
    Food: Chicken
    Music: most everything

Full Name: Kendra J. C.
Nicknames (if any): Kelda, Kenny, Barbie Girl, Monkey, Princess, Angel
Birthday: January 15, 1985
Hair Color: Brown With Natural Blonde Highlights
Eye Color: Brown
Where you live: Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Parents: Mark & Donna
Sister (s): Tori
Boyfriend: Justin
Pets: Cat= Packer  Dog= Yazoo
Hobbies/Collections: Cheerleading, hanging with the guys, shopping, singing, camping, traveling, and more
    color: green & yellow  or blue
    animal: cat
    food: pizza
    music: Matchbox Twenty, Blink 182, Tim McGraw, Bryan White, Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, LFO, 98 Degrees, and many more
Other stuff you would like others to know: I dunno...
Web Page: E-mail me and I can give it to you

Full Name: Kendra Leanne Colvin
Birthday: November 1, 1984
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: green
Where you live: Florida
Parents: Ron & Kellie
Brothers: Kyle
Pets: 2 dogs---1 half wolf german shepard
Hobbies/Collections: Dance (ballet, tapp, jazz, and pointe) softball, and gymnastics
      color: pink
      animal: puppies
      food: watermelon
      music: ALL (i love music)
Web Site address: I do have one, e-mail me if you want to see it.

Full Name: Kendra Elizabeth Conway
Birthday: Sept. 8, 1984
Hair Color: Blonde/Brown
Eye color: Blue
Where You Live: London, England
Siblings: Brother, Chris
Hobbies/Collections: I collect candles and music.
    Colors: Blue, Yellow, Orange
    Animal: Frogs
    Food: Chinese
    Music: Alternative and oldies, etc.
Other stuff: I'm American, and I've lived in Egypt, England, New York, and Florida.

Full Name: Kendra Elizabeth Woolever
Nicknames (if any): Only a few people at school call me Kenny, and I hate it
Birthday: August 1, 1984
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: hazel/brown
Where you live: Reading, Pennsylvania
Parents: Richard and Barbara
Brothers: John, he's married to my sister
Sisters: Vicki
Others in family (children, grandparents, husband boyfriends, etc.): just aunts and unlces and cousins that live in New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and California
Pets: I have 2 dogs, Cleo and Toby, 4 cats, Zac, Tess, Eppy, and Sparky, about 7 gerbils (they keep multiplying) and a fish.
Hobbies/Collections: Horseback riding, softball, writing poetry, and traveling
    color: blues, greens, and light pink
    animal: horses, cats, dolphons....
    food: pizza, chinese, anything vegetarian
    music: mostly Pop and Rock, I HATE rap

Full name: Kendra Eve Sanders
Birthday: February 9th,1983
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Where I live: Southern California
Mom: Debbie
Dad:  Chuck
Halfbrother: Chuck Jr.
Hobbies/Collections: I Acting, computers, dancing, writing stories, drawing, hanging with friends, parties, bowling, swimming, volleyball and so much more!
    Color:  Blue and Black
    Animal:  Dogs, especially Jack Russell Terriers
    Food:  Steak and mashed potatoes.
    Music:  KeMostly alternative.  I like Metallica, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Blink 182, KoRn and more!
My web site: Sweet Sparkles -

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