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I've organized this in the order of age...youngest to oldest.
10 on each page.

On this Page you will meet...

Kendra Diane Artman(10/11/78)
Kendra Renee Merriweather(5/24/78)
Kendra King Frederick(2/15/78)
Kendra Elyse Miller(4/30/77)
Kendra Ann Kesterson Mosler(4/7/76)
Kendra Kay Banks Perry(10/26/74)
Kendra Ann Millar(9/16/74)
Kendra Leann Cameron(7/21/73)
Kendra Lynne Roberts(8/11/64)

Full Name: Kendra Diane Artman
Birthday: October 11, 1978
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Where you live: Alberta, Canada
Parents: Shriley and Kenneth
Brothers: Kristen Donald(Kris), Kenneth David(half)
Sisters: Krystal Dawn, Shelly Lynn(half)
Others in famliy: My boyfriend, Joseph and our new baby boy Leif Aric
Pets: Cats-Lister, Cessil, and Stinky
Hobbies/Collections:I collect Cabbage Patch Dolls, and I started to build a doll house and collect miniatures
    color: Midnight Blue, Black
    animal: Butterflies, Cats, Dolphins
    food: Cheese, Pepsi
    music: The Monkees, Aerosmith, The Doors
Other stuff you would like others to know: I love Taz and Eeyore too. I hate snakes.
Web Site: Kendra's Kocoon

Full Name: Kendra Renee Merriweather
Birthday: 5-24-78
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Where you live: missuori
Parents: yes
Brothers: 2
Sisters: 1
Others in famliy: partner-josh
Pets: 2 cats tybalt, othello
Hobbies/Collections: none
    color: green
    animal: cat
    food: suishi
    music: celtic
Web Site:

Full Name: Kendra King Frederick
Birthday: 15 February 1978
Hair Color: varies
Eye Color: blue
Where you live: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Parents: Valerie and John
Brothers: Gregory
Sisters: Kortne
Pets: Zwitterion (cat)
Hobbies/Collections: swing dancing, fencing, yoga, sewing, growing plants, piano, photography, soccer, and theatre
    color: black, blue and purple
    animal: cat
    food: brownies, lentils and spinach
    music: diana krall, tori amos, ani difranco, bjork, lousie attaque, lili fatale, rachmaninoff, scriabin, art blakey, soul coughing, benny
goodman, underworld
Other stuff you would like others to know: i don't update my web page often.  i don't capitalize my name (haven't since late elementary school). i do enjoy the uniqueness of being named kendra and i've never had a nickname.
Web Site:

Full Name: Kendra Elyse Miller
Nicknames: K or tundra.
Birthday: April 30th, 1977
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: green
Where you live: Dallas even though I am originally from Kansas City
Brothers: I have an older bro and a younger half bro
Others in famliy: I am engaged and will be married next September.
Pets: dog named Parker

Full Name: Kendra Ann Kesterson Mosler
Nicknames (if any):Keni (of course),Kendy Ann, K
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Blue
Where you live:Seattle
Parents:Thomas and Patricia
Sisters:Colleen and Kassandra
Others in family: Husband; Jason, daughter Micaela
Pets:two rottweilers, Jack & Buddy, two cats Mao & Geraldine
Hobbies/Collections:Costuming, sewing, painting, The Society for Creative Anachronism
    food:cheese cake!
Your Web Pages House Evermore & Thystle's Garden

Full Name: Kendra Kay Banks Perry
Birthday: October 26, 1974
Hair Color: dark blonde/light brown
Eye Color: green
Where you live: Kansas
Parents: Joan & Harry Banks
Sisters: Lauralea
Others in famliy: my husband, Jay
Pets: 3 budgies (parakeets): Schmoopy, Cricket, and Fiona
Hobbies/Collections: Reading, writing, crocheting, Veggie Tales!
    color: blue
    animal: budgies!
    food: pasta
    music: yes
Web Site:

Full Name:Kendra Ann Millar
Nick Names: Kenda, Condra (from highschool it combines mine and my sisters names)
Birthday: September 16, 1974
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue/green
Where you live: Welland, Ontario
Parents: William and Marlene
Sisters: Connie (were twins)
Hobbies/Collections: reading / Hedgehogs and thomas the tank engin (long story)
    color: green
    animal: cats/hedgehogs
    food: lasagnia and chinese
    music: country
Other stuff you would like others to know: nothing I'm boring

Full Name:Kendra Leann Cameron
Nicknames (if any): K-Cam, Special K
Birthday: July 21,1973
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green
Where you live: Sebring, Florida
Parents: Ed and Sue
Brothers: Ed Jr.
Others in family (children, grandparents, husband boyfriends, etc.): Fiancee, John
Hobbies/Collections: Golf
    color: Blue
    animal: Labs
    food: Seafood and Pasta
    music: A little bit of everything
Other stuff you would like others to know: I am a professional bowler and you can find me on the web.
Web Page: Storm Bowling Products and Professional Womens Bowling

Full Name: Kendra Lynne Roberts
Nicknames (if any): In high school everyone called me "Dra,"   otherwise the only other name I'm called is "Maaaaah-meee!"
Birthday: August 11, 1964
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Where you live: Suburban Baltimore, Maryland
Parents: Kenneth & Patti
Brothers: Sean
Others in family (children, grandparents, husband, boyfriends, etc.):
Husband, Larry, and 2 school aged daughters
Pets: "Molly" my dog for 11 years.. We just put her down and I miss her TERRIBLY!
Hobbies/Collections: Creative Memories scrapbooking, home decorating, crosstitching, tap dancing, aerobic dancing and I LOVE volunteering at my kids school.
    color: PURPLE
    animal: dog
    food: Italian anything!
    music:  60's rock, but especially the Beatles and the Monkees
Other stuff you would like others to know:  My mom thought she made the name up, but found out my dad had known another Kendra during his Army days in the early 1960's!  And, I am honored to be among so many Kendra's!!

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