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I've organized this in the order of age...youngest to oldest.
10 on each page.

On this Page you will meet...

Kendra Kay Benjamin(5/3/84)
Kendra Melissa Crispin(6/12/83)
Kendra Ann Hathaway(3/4/83)
Kendra Joy Brooks(10/22/82)
Kendra Jean Branch(5/18/82)
Kendra Rachel Froshman(8/16/81)
Kendra Danielle Fischer(7/8/81)
Kendra Lynn Myers(6/9/81)
Kendra Beth Krantz(6/6/80)
Kendra Spring Tarbill(3/3/79)

Full Name: Kendra Kay Benjamin
Nicknames (if any): Kazy, Kends, Ken-ja, Ken, K.K.
Birthday: May 3, 1984
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Where you live: West Chester, Ohio
Parents: Richard and Susan
Sisters: Beth
Others in family :  grandparents and cousins, the normal family situation
Pets:  one dog, Molly; my sis has fish
Hobbies/Collections: drawing, ceramics, pretty much anything; I collect Chinese fortunes
    color:  yellow and pink
    animal:  elephant
    food:  anything vegetarian
    music:  alternative/rock

Full Name: Kendra Melissa Crispin
Nicknames (if any): I've been called Electra, but my preferred nickname is T'Kel. (After an alter ego of mine.)
Birthday: June 12, 1983
Hair Color: Brown with gold and red highlights
Eye Color: Hazel with gold flex, but my mom insists my eyes are closer to blue.
Where you live: Soon to be Austin, Texas. Used to live in Portland,
Parents: Tom Crispin and Jo Evelyn Egger
Others in family: my father's mother, Grandma Sis
my dad's brother, John, and his family
my dad's sister, Mary, and her family
my mom's sister, Lee, and her family
my mom's brother, John, and his family
Pets: none, but I want two dogs
Hobbies/Collections: Oh, let's see... reading, writing stories
(particularlly Star Trek: Voyager and Jane Austen), writing to friends
and pen-pals, going daily to favorite web sites, spending time with my
friends, and building web sites.
        color: teals, blues, most greens, some purples, black
        animal: dogs
        food: milk  chocolate
        music: comedy, "Weird Al", and a variety of other stuff
Other stuff you would like others to know: I'm a college student. I
spent the first year and three months of college at Portland Community College. It's a nice junior college. The campus I went to, Rock Creek, was very nice. My planned major is biology, but I have a lot of talent in math, history, and writing. I'm one of those multi-talentd people who have trouble deciding what to do with their life. I'd love to do stuff connected to forensics, which is another interest of mine. I'm also the women's state chess champion of Oregon, and I've been state champion for 7th and 8th grade. I tied for fourth n the last scholastic tournament I played in: the high school state championship. I've been learning html since July of '99, and have two websites in mind for the future. One will be another Star Trek page, and the other will be a reference page for fanfic writers.
Web Page: Actually, I have two so far.
my personal site: Kendra Crispin's Website of Fanfic and Humor
and a Star Trek site: The KiosK

Full Name: Kendra Ann Hathaway
Nicknames (if any): Keanha
Birthday: March 4, 1983
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Where you live: Illinois
Parents: Randy and Belinda
Brothers: Robert
Others in family: Boyfriend:  Mike
Pets:  A Quaker Parakeet named Chica
Hobbies/Collections:  Glass Cow Figures  :)
    color:  Yellow
    animal:  White Tiger
    food:  Bananas!
    music:  Almost anything
Other stuff you would like others to know:  I'm left-handed!  muahaha
Web Site:Kendra's page

Full Name: Kendra Joy Brooks
Birthday: October 22, 1982
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Where you live: Michigan
Parents: Ron and Shirley
Brothers: Ronnie
Sisters: Debbie
Others in famliy(children, grandparents, husband
boyfriends, etc):
Pets: 2 long haired mini dashounds...Lady and Rocky...and an annoying bird, Riley
Hobbies/Collections: None
    color: Green
    animal: original, huh?
    food: chicken nuggets
    music: anything

Full Name: Kendra Jean Branch
Nicknames: KJ, trixie, ginger
Birthday: May 18, 1982
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: blue/ gray
Where you live: Denver, Colorado
Parents: Claude
Brothers: David and Rob
Sisters: Pattie
Pets: 2 cats
Hobbies: music and cars
    color: emerald
    animal: tiger
    food: teriyaki chicken
    music: everything
Web Site: Kendra's page
E-mail or E-mail

Full Name: Kendra Rachel Froshman
Nick Names: ken, kenny, dra, kender bender, and my least favorite, kenny g
Birthday: August 16 1981
Hair Color: brown/blond
Eye Color: blue
Where you live: I currently live in Berkeley, CA although I'm from Santa Cruz CA
Parents: I gotta mom and a dad
Sibblings: I'm an only child. Yes, one of those
Others in family: I have a grandmother, and some cousins and a boyfriend
Pets: I had a cat but he just died =(
Hobbies/Collections: I like to smile. I like to sing and dance and play and do activism make a change ya know. I like people i like dealing with difficulties, overcoming fears - liberation!
    color: aqua marine for today
    food: icecream
    music: right now im listening to bob dylan and zap mama, but man i like music without boundary or category (Go ani!)
Other stuff you would like others to know: I have never met a kendra i didnt like. We are a powerful people!!!

Full Name: Kendra Danielle Fischer
B-Day:  July 8, 1981
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Hazel
Where you live: Brussels, Ontario
Parents: Donald and Darlene
Sister: Tracey
Brother-in-law: Mark
Niece: Alida
Nephew:  Matthew
Pets:  Cat (Arnold)
Hobbies: Horseback riding, karate, reading
      Colour: Purple and green
      Animal:  Panther
     Food:   Stir-fry
      Music:  Country, Garth Brooks and Soundtracks

Full name: Kendra Lynn Myers
Birthday: June 9, 1981
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Where I live: Fort Worth, Texas
Mom:  Edwina
Dad:  Kenneth
Stepmom: Kelly
Stepdad: Tom
Sister:  Emily
Stepsisters: Sierra and Kristina
Stepbrothers: Nevada
Halfbrother:  In the womb still
Others in family: I live with my boyfriend of five years Shane and his family.  (His mom is Kelly, stepdad is Tim, half brothers are Dane and Ryan).
Pets:  I have snails and a dog named Sadie and a poodle named Sandy who lives with my mom and stepdad.
Hobbies/Collections: I like to sing, garden, talk online, hang out with my friends, go to parties and concerts.
    Color:  Blue, White, and Black
    Animal:  Elephants
    Food:  Any of it but mushrooms
    Music:  All classic rock, Metallica
My web site: Kendra's Thoughts

Full Name:Kendra Beth Krantz
Birthday:June 6, 1980
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Hazel
Where you live: I'm from Evansville, Indiana but right now I'm living and attending college at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana (1 hour north of Indianapolis)  I don't like Indiana though, I'd like to live on either the east or west coast..
Parents:Robert and Teresa
Sisters:(2 step sisters)Brooke & Kate
Others in famliy: My boyfriend is Pete Kosmas Bellessis (he's Greek)
Hobbies/Collections:I like to decorate.  For example, my bedroom is decorated in a jungle theme.  I also play the guitar.  I love driving my car and riding with my boyfriend in his car or on his motorcycle.
    color:Black & White
    animal:Dogs...Beagles, Boston Terriors, Pugs..etc
    food:Any kind of food..I am not picky because my parents used to feed me macaroni and hot dogs every day.
    music: I love all different kinds of music (except country)

Full Name: Kendra Spring Tarbill
Nicknames:  Red, Niles, Ears
Birthday:  March 3rd, 1979
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color:  Green
Where you live: FL
Parents: Dan and Janice
Sisters: Kathryn
Others in family: No children, one living grandparent (Phyllis), Sniff, no boyfriend at the moment.
Pets: A dog (Sophie), a cat (Ashley) and a bird (Juliet)
Hobbies/Collections: Singing, writing, drawing portraits, chatting with Tim online, tennis
    color: Green
    animal: Horse
    food: Shrimp
    music: Musical theatre/Opera
Web Page: Kendra's Page of Ultimate Pretension

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