Kendra Links
I tried to put them in alphabetical order...:)

Jeff and Kendra's Home Page -
Kendra - personal web site
Kendra's Beanie Baby Page -
Kendra Christie - a grade 4 teacher
Kendra's Coloring Book - a cute little site for kids or the kid at heart.
Kendra Communications - Internet service providers and
Kendra Crispin's Website of Fanfic and Humor - Star Trek, etc
Kendra Dimond - lawyer
Kendra D. Presswood - lawyer
Kendra's Domain -
Kendra E. Wright - Director of Family Watch
Kendra's First Page - Poems,
Kendra's Homepage - personal page
Kendra's Homepage - personal page
Kendra K Davis - Artist / Curator
Kendra Keepers - the Buffy character
Kendra Killpatrick's Home Page -
Kendra's Kitchen - Chef Kendra specializes in Southwest French Fusion Cuisine
Kendra's Kocoon - personal page
Kendra's Kreations - scrapbook art
Kendra Lenhart - Boxer
Kendra Logan Ross -
Kendra Lowe -
Kendra MacGillivray - Dancer and Singer.
Kendra Markle - Web design
Kendra Martin - player bio
Kendra Moshe - teaches Yoga, Chi Kung / Universal Healing Tao classes.
Kendra Munger - Stage actress plays princess Diana in "Queen of Hearts".
Kendra's Page - left handed Kendra's web site
Kendra's Page of Ultimate Pretention -
Kendra Powell - Site Developer, Singer/song writer
Kendra Studio Jewellery -  Jewellery designer
Kendra Schwabel Designs - artist
Kendra Smiley - author
Kendra's Story - The miraculous story of a baby girl who couldn't wait 9 months to be born!
Kendra's Talking Nano Baby Tamagotchi, and Giga-Pet Page -
Kendra's Web-page of Doom -
Kendra Willson - College life
Mike and Kendra's Web Page - About what happened May 4, 1970 at Kent State

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