Hi I'm Kendra. 
I'm so excited to be a part of Club Scouts at Club Mouse.  I'm part of Litter 111. 
Here is what I've done so far....
Project 1
Whisker Scout Page
(Your Looking at it)
Project 2
Create a Mouse
Project 3
Create a Sentiment

Scout Logo

Scout Motto


Scout Law

Scout Pledge

Construction Co. Tokens
(3 needed)
Friendship Tokens
(1 needed)
News Tokens
(1 needed)
Trading Tokens
(1 needed)
Whisker Project Tokens
(3 needed)
Roll Call Tokens
(4 needed)
Such n Such Tokens
(1 needed)
For my houseFor Luna's Candles
For Being a Secret Santa

For My Mousey Me

My Club Mouse Page

Whisker / Paw / Tail / Scamper / Mouse